BIMWERX was launched in the first quarter of 2015 as an online resource and a software development brand. Since then BIMWERX has published several articles and applications on it's domain, with thousands of unique hits to date.

2018 elevated BIMWERX to the next level, and our collection of professional products and services have expanded into several markets around the world. We have been growing our customer base over time, offering free online content, free applications and add-ins as well as some paid applications and services. We will continue to publish quality content on our domain (free to our followers), as we have done since the start, with the official addition of our professional and paid for services and products.

Building a trusted brand takes time, commitment and the ability / willingness to learn from past experiences accompanied by the desire to improve in every possible way. We are working hard to achieve our goals of becoming a worldwide- and world-class brand; doing it the right way, patiently evolving and growing from one level to the next.

New products will see the light of day this year together with online training content and more - watch this space!

In addition to the above, more frequent technical how-to's will be published this year, so please send your requests and comments using the comments box below.

We are committed to uphold our high standard of delivery, and to provide resources that empower our customers and followers.

The BIMWERX brand is ever-evolving, and we are excited to grow our New Zealand-based business into an international, reliable brand.

Welcome to our domain, make use of our technical content and browse through our offerings.


BIMWERX Revit Utilities Bundle



This year we decided to combine all our Revit tools and utilities into a bundled add-in. This includes:

  • Batch File Upgrader
  • WaterMark
  • Draw Spreadsheet
  • LandXML Pipe Network Importer
  • Delta Tools
  • Navisworks Clash Navigator
  • Revit Warning Navigator

Choose whether you'd like to license the entire bundle (at a massive discount) or select single modules.

Download here and purchase your license directly through our CumulusGate cloud service.



Market Investor Pro!

Check out our latest AI web app using Deep Learning to perform US Stock Market predictions, helping you improve your success rate when trading stocks!

Try it now for free!


Access here - Try it now!



The BIMWERX Academy is here!

While some courses and content are still under construction, head on over and see what's happening at our latest educational domain:


Register for free and participate in our excellent e-Learning and Learning Management System!

Get Certified with BIMWERX Academy (AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Infraworks, Prokon and BIM)!



Available Now - Try it!

Our new cloud service using AI to produce realistic human-sounding Text-to-Speech. This is great for tutorial videos, marketing videos and general instructional videos. Have professional-sounding voices (using state-of-the-art technologies) in your productions!



Free registration and affordable plans from $9 / month - try it now and add value to your media content!



Try CumulusGate - Our Cloud-Based Licensing Service!

A Cloud-based licensing service for developers, software license managers and end-users.


Free to register, free to use (pay only when you sell through this platform), easy to integrate into your existing / new .Net solutions.


Also available as a NuGet package: https://www.nuget.org/packages?q=cumulusgate 



ProjectSync - Synchronize Projects and Data using P2P Technology!


What if you were not reliant on a cloud service to manage and share your project content?


What if you had full admin control of your data without the need for expensive cloud services or outdated server applications?



Beta version available - contact us for more info...



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