Generate Infraworks models using online data:


You can use online data to generate input data for Autodesk Infraworks, here is an example:


From the Auckland Council GIS Viewer, identify an area, and extract as "Vector Data", this will result in a zipped folder with shapefiles (GIS):


Now use the following steps to add this information to an Infraworks model:


1.From the “Import Source” dropdown menu, select “SHP” to import an ESRI Shape File

2.Select “CRS Parcel.shp” from the data folder

3.Right-Click on the new data source from the “Data Sources” palette and choose “Configure…”

4.Change the “Type” to “Coverage Areas”

5.Click on the “Edit Style” button and choose “Grass With Gravel Border”

6.Click “Close & Refresh” to update the model