This is a development preview of the BIMWERX FEA Application:

This tool is still in early development, but you can get an idea of what is to come from the demonstration below:



- Create a simple Column with Baseplate model

- Generate a FE Mesh and Mesh Groups for the model

- Generate Calculix input file from FE Model

- Analyse model using Calculix Analysis engine

- Display results of analysis


 Steps to produce results:

1. Create 3D geometry using CAD software (AutoCAD 2016 was used for this example, then exported using "IGESEXPORT")

2. Using Salomé 7.6.0, import IGES file into new Salomé model, from "Geometry" module

3. Swap Z and Y axis, since Y is upwards in Calculix terms

4. Mesh geometry in Salomé using Tetrahedral mesh with a Hypothesis as indicated below:

5. Create groups from mesh for Loads and Supports (must have "group_" prefix)


6. Export the FE Mesh to UNV format


7. Start the BIMWERX FEA application, and create a new project, by selecting a UNV file


8. Map mesh groups from UNV with types and values using the BIMWERX FEA application



9. Solve the problem


10. View results using the BIMWERX FEA application to imbed Calculix Graphix







This is the basic functionality at the moment, lots more to come in the near future...