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This site provides tips, tools and useful content to Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Infraworks, Navisworks and 3DS Max, among others.

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Try the following Autodesk online exam practice tests, or use them to evaluate the capabilities of potential employees:

- AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 Online Practice Test (C3D 101)

- Autodesk Revit 2016 Online Practice Test (RVT 101)



BIMWERX Delta Tools - Change Analysis for Revit 2016 - 2018



Download here...



BIMWERX Learning Platform Ver 1.07 available - click here to download

(Free to use as a learning viewer and assessment delivery application, registration required to create learning & assessment modules)

The BIMWERX Learning Platform now supports video add-ins for learning modules, datasets for learning- and assessment modules, and many more features!

The BIMWERX Learning Platform information & downloads are now available on the LMS page from the menu above on this page.




BIMWERX Compact Screen Recorder 0.97 (beta) - click here to download

(dedicated page space to follow soon)

For best quality and smallest possible size, try this new screen recorder. Free licensing!

The BIMWERX Compact Screen Recorder produces high resolution compact video files using MP4 video or animated GIF, and can optionally include keyboard and mouse recorded events and a personal watermark. You can set the desired frame rate to really optimize production size, without compromising on quality.

Recent updates include multiple screen support and microphone audio support!




BIMWERX Excel to DXF Converter - click here to download

Feel free to download this free utility which opens XLS, XLSX and CSV spreadsheets, and converts selected areas to DXF:

This utility was originally developed as a Revit add-in to insert spreadsheets into a drafting view via a DXF link, and was then compiled as a standalone app to be used for additional purposes.

It's free and pretty much straight forward to use!


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